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  • Chamber of Commerce Membership

    A question that we often receive from agents is, "Will LAER become a member of our local Chamber of Commerce?" The Chamber of Commerce is an awesome way to grow your business, but it really requires that you show up regularly throughout the year. For this reason, we don't sign up for every Chamb...
  • Cole Directory

    We recently updated the account with the Cole Directory. Cole login go to UN: PW: LAERrealty123 Also, because this is a shared account, only one person can be logged in at a time. Plus - if they ask for updates to the pro...
  • Hosting Town Days

    We strongly encourage agents to host events of all kinds; town days, mixers, client appreciation events, home buyer seminars, and more. If an agent, as an individual is looking to host an event on his/her own, the expenses associated with that event will remain solely the responsibility of that a...
  • How do I Create a Seller's Guide to Give to Home Sellers?

    Great news! We've done most of the work for you. Here's a Canva template for a Seller's Guide to Selling a Home.
  • How do I print my ROAR Reports?

    The information below will give you options on printing/mailing your ROAR Report.  If you need help customizing please visit this article: ROAR Reports - Finding and Customizing Here's info on printing and mailing your ROAR Reports: Option One: We are happy to assist with printing and mailing ...
  • I Need An Open House Sign in Sheet

    We have got you covered! Click the link below for a Canva Template link with three customizable versions:
  • Is There a Charge for Printing in The Offices?

    No, there is no charge for printing in the offices, except where it is a large print job over 500 pieces. If you need to get a large print job done (over 500 pieces) complete the request here:
  • LAER Programs and Services Guide (Updated July of 2021)

    Here's the most up-to-date version of our LAER Programs Guide. This guide is updated on a quarterly basis with the most recent update being July of 2021. PDF - Version Presentation Style
  • Large Print & Mailing Jobs

    If you are looking to do a large print/mailing job, there are a couple of ways to get this done. 1. LAER Staff - We do have a team that can print, stuff envelopes, and mail for you. There is no charge for print jobs under 500 pieces. We do charge for the staff time in printing and stuffing envel...
  • Listing Brochures & Social Media Pieces

    If you need a personalized listing brochure or social media pieces please order them for free at the link below.
  • ROAR Reports - Finding and Customizing

    The ROAR Report is a printable newsletter that LAER creates monthly so that you can print it and mail it to your Sphere of Influence. The content of this ROAR Report is information about home improvements, gardening, mortgages, and other real estate related content. To find the most recent ROAR ...
  • Where Can I Find a Brochure About LAER?

    Here's a Canva Template of our latest LAER Brochure for any LAER Office Here's a Canva template of a LAER Bow...
  • Where Can I Find a Customizeable LAER Listing Presentation?

    No problem. We've got that for you right here.
  • Where Can I Find a Customizeable Marketing Plan for Sellers?

    Here's a link to a Canva Template for a 20 Point Home Marketing Plan.
  • Where Can I Find a LAER Style Guide for Font and Branding Colors

    The LAER Style Guide will give you all the information you need for branding and color guides when it comes to matching our brand. You will need to login to the LAER Career Den to access this guide.
  • Where Can I Find the LAER Video About Sustainability

    This video is great to show to consumers so that you stand out when it comes to talking about sustainability in real estate.
  • Where Can I Order Marketing Postcards?

    There are several great places to order marketing postcards. Here are some of our favorites: RSP Marketing MLS Mailings Express Copy
  • Where Do I Find the LAER 2021 TV Commercial?

    Here is a link to the LAER 2021 TV Commercial