How do I print my ROAR Reports?

The information below will give you options on printing/mailing your ROAR Report.  If you need help customizing please visit this article:

ROAR Reports - Finding and Customizing

Here's info on printing and mailing your ROAR Reports:

Option One:
We are happy to assist with printing and mailing jobs in house. For help with this visit

Option Two:
We also have many agents who use Yellow Letters Complete for Printing and Mailing ROAR Reports. The pricing is
below. Essentially, for $300, they will print, fold, and mail 200 11x17 newsletters to your clients. All you need to do is email them a csv of your database and the customized ROAR Report. Here are the steps you should take if use Yellow Letters Complete for mailing ROAR Reports.

  1. Email and let us know what you need to be customized on your ROAR Report.
  2. Approve your customized ROAR Report once Happy Agent makes the changes
  3. Email Happy Agent if you need help downloading your database from your CRM to a CSV file
  4. Email your completed ROAR Report and csv file to Info@YellowLettersComplete
  5. Yellow Letters Complete will email you back with your total pricing (based on the number you mail).
  6. Approve the pricing and authorize Yellow Letters Complete to send your ROAR Reports.

Pricing for ROAR Reports (printing/folding/postage):

  • 200+: $1.49 each
  • 300+: $1.29 each
  • 500+: $0.90 each
  • 700+: $0.85 each

Yellow Letters Complete Website:
Contact Dave Schaaf at YLC:
Yellow Letters Training Class on Direct Mail:
** Yellow Letters Complete offers all kinds of personalized mailing
options. Above, is the information for the ROAR Reports since that is the
mailer most of you have been inquiring about over the last 7 days.Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

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