Hosting Town Days

We strongly encourage agents to host events of all kinds; town days, mixers, client appreciation events, home buyer seminars, and more. If an agent, as an individual is looking to host an event on his/her own, the expenses associated with that event will remain solely the responsibility of that agent since it would be considered part of their personal marketing budget.

We do have items that agents can use for free as long as they are available on the date needed. These items include LAER banners/signs and the LAER lion costume. Email to check on availability.

The LAER bouncy house is no longer available for events due to the insurance expense of having a bouncy house at events.

Hosting An Event as An Office:
If an entire office is looking to host an event or town day, LAER Realty Partners is willing to contribute a total of $500 to the event as long as (1) an event committee has been formed with one leader from that office heading up the committee, and (2) a minimum 5 agents from LAER are participating in the event. LAER will contribute to a maximum of two events per office per year. The $500 per event contribution may be used for any of the following:

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