OpCity is a lead company that is owned by Realtor.com. If you want a regular flow of leads, you can email the HappyAgent@LAERRealty.com team and simply ask to join the OpCity program. Once you complete the application process you will begin receiving leads from OpCity.  OpCity charges a referral fee of 35% or 38% on each transaction (rentals and homes sold at under 150K are a 30% referral fee). You must let the accounting department know via the check request if a fee is due to OpCity so that they are paid at the time of closing.  The referral fee comes off the top of the commission. If the commission is $10,000 and it's a 38% referral fee, then $3800 is due to OpCity at the time of closing.  This fee is due for any listing or sale this customer gives you within 2 years of the introduction by OpCity. None of the referral fee goes to LAER, it all goes to OpCity.

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