How Do I Ask Other Agents if I Can Host Their Open Houses?

If you want to handle open houses for other agents there are a few ways to do this.

  1. You can post a note within the LAER Facebook Group letting agents know you are available for Open Houses.
  2. Second, you can email agents in your offices. You can email entire offices by going into the LAER Career Den and clicking on teams in the left side menu. Click on the office you want to email to and then look in the left hand corner for a box that says, "Email Organizational Unit."  From there, you can email an office.
  3. The BEST way is to make phone calls to agents with a lot of inventory.  If you go to MLS and pull up any LAER office, it will give you a list of agents in that office.  If you click on each agent you can see their active inventory.  If they have active inventory, give a call, text, or email with a personal request to host an open house for them.

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