How to Install a Canon Printer

The following Offices have Canon Printers:
- Melrose

Before you start
- You must be connected to the LAER network via wifi or ethernet at any of the above offices
- Find a link to your corresponding driver in the list below

Instruction Video (windows)

Installation Instructions (Windows)
1. Download the driver from the list below.
2. Extract the downloaded Zip file
3. In the extracted folder click "setup"
4. At the License Agreement, click Agree.
5. Select standard and click next.
6. Click next
7. The installer will search for your printer on the network.
8. Select the printer on the device list and click start
9. Once installation is complete click exit
10. Your printer is now installed.

Installation Instructions (MacOS)
1. Download the driver labelled "Mac print driver" from the list of drivers.
2. Open the Downloads folder for the selected Browser (ie: Safari's default download folder is Under Favourites>Downloads).
3. Select the Canon Driver Installer .dmg file to view the file contents.
4. Run the contained Canon Print Driver .pkg.
5. Select Continue If prompted to run a program to determine if this software can be installed.
6. Select Continue.
7. Read the Software License Agreement and click Continue.
8. Select Agree to accept the Software License Agreement.
9. Select Install.
10. Access your System Preferences (in the drop-down menu from clicking on the Apple logo on the desktop).
11. Go to Printers & Scanners. Click on the + button to add a printer.
12. Click the IP tab at the top of the window.
13. Enter the IP that corresponds to your office.
14. Select Line Printer Daemon - LPD from the Protocol drop-down menu.
15. Leave the Queue field blank.
16. Change the name of the printer to something that helps you easily identify the printer
17. Select the Select Software... option from the Use drop-down menu. Search for the model # of the printer. (ex Canon iR-ADV C5030) Corresponding model is in list below.
18. Highlight the correct print driver and click OK without changing any fields, then click the Add button.
19. Click ok on the next screens
20. Your printer is now installed.

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