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In 2021, LAER compiled a list of VIP vendors. This is a list of vendors and suppliers that agents across LAER recommend to their customers. This list contains electricians, contracts, photography companies, and more. You can visit this list at

If you are looking for a vendor to recommend to a client it's a good idea to start by checking the LAER VIP list. If you cannot find a vendor to fill your need there, we recommend going to the LAER Inside the Lions Den Facebook Group and asking for recommendations from fellow agents. When asking for recommendations be as clear as possible so that you get the best result. Make sure to let the group know what kind of vendor you need and what geographical area you need this vendor to cover (ie. where the property is located).

By the way, if you want to add a vendor to the LAER VIP list, you can click on the Apply Today tab at the top of the website.

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