How to Get Your New Hampshire License

New Hampshire has reciprocity agreements with several states, including Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Tennessee, and Georgia. This means that you only need to take the state portion of the examination to have a real estate license after you already have a license in one of these states.

Information can be attained at

We recommend taking a 4-hour class at one of the NH Real Estate Schools to learn the differences between the 2 states. This is NOT required if you are already licensed in a reciprocal state like MA, but it will help tremendously.

Internet Scheduling
For the fastest and most convenient examination scheduling process, PSI recommends that you register for your examinations using the Internet. You register online by accessing PSI's registration website. Internet registration is available 24 hours a day.

· Log onto PSI's website and create an account. Please enter your email address and first and last name. This information must match exactly with the information the Commission has on file. Be sure to check the box next to "Check here to attempt to locate existing records for you in the system".

· You will be asked to select the examination and enter the ID assigned to you. Your record will be found and you will now be ready to schedule for the exam. Enter your zip code and a list of the testing sites closest to you will appear. Once you select the desired test site, available dates will appear. If you have problems, contact PSI at (800) 733-9267 for help.

One last thing - the broker of record for NH is Gary Trouville.  If you run across any paperwork that needs a broker's signature, send it to and I will make sure it gets signed.

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