• Assigning a Marketing Activity Plan in IXACT

    Here is an 8-minute video on how to assign a Marketing Activity Plan in IXACT. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=activity-plans#assigning-marketing
  • Assigning Listing and Closing Activity Plans in IXACT

    Here is a 4-minute tutorial on Assigning Listing and Closing Activity Plans in IXACT. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=activity-plans#assigning-listing
  • Creating a Marketing Activity Plan in IXACT

    Here's a 6-minute tutorial on creating a Marketing Activity Plan in IXACT. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=activity-plans#creating-marketing
  • Creating Listing and Closing Activity Plans in IXACT

    Here's a 6-Minute tutorial on creating Listing and Closing Activity Plans in IXACT. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=activity-plans#creating-listing
  • Downloading the IXACT App

    Here's a 7 minute video on downloading and using the IXACT App https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=overview#mobile-crm-overview
  • Email Templates in IXACT

    Here's how to utilize the Email Templates functionality in IXACT. 8 mins. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=mass-email#email-templates
  • How Do I Create a Mass Email in IXACT?

    Here's an 11-minute video on creating a mass email in IXACT. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=mass-email
  • How Do I Create a Referral Business Directory in IXACT?

    Here's a 4 minute video on how to create a Business Directory for referring preferred vendors within IXACT: https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=business-directory#business-directory
  • How Do I Mail Merge Letters or Labels from IXACT?

    Here's an 8-minute video on how to mail merge labels and letters from IXACT. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=letters-and-labels#mail-merged
  • How to Use the Keep In Touch Coach in IXACT

    Here's a 6-minute tutorial on how to use the Keep in Touch coach within IXACT so that you never forget to stay in touch with past clients and your sphere of influence. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=keep-in-touch#kit-coach
  • Keep In Touch Birthday Campaigns in IXACT

    Here's a 4-minute tutorial on setting up a system to stay in touch with your database on their birthdays. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=keep-in-touch#birthday-kit
  • Searching Contacts in IXACT

    Here's how to search your contacts in IXACT - 8 min https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=contacts#contact-searches
  • Setting Up a Lead Capture Form

    Discover how easy it is to add a customized Contact Us form to your website that visitors can fill out and their contact information is automatically fed into your IXACT Contact database. This video is 7 min long. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&...
  • Setting Up Call Reminders with Keep In Touch Activities in IXACT

    Never forget to check in with past clients with the Keep In Touch call reminder in IXACT.  Here's a 6 minute video on how to do this. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=keep-in-touch#call-events
  • Setting Up IXACT IDX Feed

    The $39/month bundle includes an IXACT website. However, the IXACT website does not have IDX (property search) functionality unless you pay extra for it.  If you do NOT want to pay extra for property search functionality, we recommend that you simply use your Boston Logic website instead. If you...
  • Setting Up Text Marketing

    Find out how to purchase your custom texting phone number, and start using the Text Marketing features in IXACT Contact. This is a 10 minute video. Please note that the texting component does NOT come with your $39/month tech bundle. There is an additional charge via IXACT for this service. http...
  • Setting Up Your Email Header in IXACT

    Learn how to set up a personalized email header that you can include in your mass emails in order to make them more eye-catching and improve the effectiveness of your email marketing. Here's a 7 minute tutorial on setting up your email header. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxono...
  • Setting Up Your IXACT Website

    As part of the $39/month LAER tech bundle you get an IXACT website. Some agents prefer the IXACT website over the Boston Logic website.  The IXACT website does not come with IDX (property search) functionality unless you pay extra for it.  If you want clients to be able to search real estate from...
  • Setting Up Your Monthly Newsletter in IXACT

    A monthly e-Newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with your contacts and position yourself as a real estate expert. This tutorial shows you how to set up your own monthly e-Newsletter. Here's a 7-minute video on setting up your email newsletter. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/...
  • Social Stream - Social Media Marketing

    Learn how to activate and set up Social Stream, and start streaming high quality real estate content to your social media sites.  This is an awesome program if you are looking for a simple way to make sure your social media sites always have rich content. Please note that the Social Stream system...
  • Tracking Referrals in IXACT

    Here's a video on how to track referrals in IXACT - 4 min https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=contacts#tracking-referrals
  • Understanding Your Email Reports in IXACT

    One of the cool things about IXACT is that you get great reporting metrics on emails you send out. Check out this 8-minute video on how to understand your email reporting. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=mass-email#email-campaign
  • Using Contact Groups in IXACT

    Here's a simple way to organize contacts in your IXACT CRM - 6 min https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=contacts#contact-groups
  • What does IXACT CRM Do

    Here is an overview of the IXACT CRM.  This is part of the $39/month LAER Tech Bundle. https://www.ixactcontact.com/video-tutorials/?taxonomy=ixact-contact-tutorials&term=overview#introductory-tour Please note that the version that comes with your $39/month tech bundle does not include Soci...