How to sign into your Homespotter account

How to log in to your Homespotter account.

Logging in to your Homespotter account is easiest by logging in to the LAER website.
All agents have access to a basic dashboard on the LAER website.
1.     Go
2.     In the upper right corner, click on “Login”.  (not signup).
01 Logging In 02.png

3.     Log in with either your LAER email, or with the email that the LAER website shows for you.
02 Login Screen 02.png

4.     Your password (if you have not changed it) is your last name in small letters followed by the number 1.  Example – Jane Smith would be “smith1”.
5.     When you login, you will see your dashboard.  At the upper right, click on “Boost Ad Dashboard”.
03 Dashboard 02.png

6.     Your Homespotter Dashboard will open.
04Homespotter Home screen.jpg

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