Check Requests 101

In order to get paid on your closing at LAER, we require three items:

(1) An approved file - Dotloop in New England or Appfiles in Florida
(2) The closing funds - usually this is the amount in escrow if it's our listing, or if it's our buyer, it's the funds from the co-broker agent or the closing attorney
(3) A completed check request so that we know how to disperse the funds to you and any other parties to the transaction

The check request form may be found at

Here are some helpful videos on how to do a check request:

The different types of check requests (6 mins)

How to do a check request when it's your listing (12 mins):

How to do a check request when it's your buyer (7 mins)

How to get funds released for closings on NH transactions (3 mins):

Rental check request  (3 mins):

Check request for release of funds (2 mins):

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