Can I Access Toolkit CMA?

Yes, we have access to Toolkit CMA. If you want a truly exceptional CMA, we strongly encourage you to use CloudCMA as our marketing team has completely customized the suite of marketing pieces you have available on this platform.  CloudCMA is 100% free to LAER agents. To learn more about the CloudCMA product look HERE.

Here's a class we created where we compare the two products in detail so that you can see the pros and cons of each:

Even though CloudCMA is the preferred platform, we do also have the ability to access Toolkit CMA for agents that prefer that product. There is a charge to the agents for the Toolkit CMA platform, so you will be charged $10 on any month in which you use Toolkit.  For example, if you create 12 CMAS in March, you will be charged $10 for the usage of the product in March. If you then do NO CMAs in April, you will be charged zero in April. You are only charged the $10 monthly fee in the months in which you are utilizing the product. If you want to receive login credential for Toolkit CMA please email

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