I'm Not Sure if LAER Has Received an Escrow or Commission Check That Was Mailed

If you are waiting for a check that has been mailed to LAER Realty Headquarters at 173 Chelmsford Street, Chelmsford MA 01824, please email HappyAgent@LAERRealty.com and we can check on it for you.  You will get notified by email as soon as any check is deposited. You get notified by email the day after it has been deposited, and sometimes two days after it has been deposited if the check was deposited late in the day or on a weekend.

If a check is mailed to somewhere other than the LAER Headquarters, you can check the mail at that office on your own, or if there is Happy Agent staff at the office, you can reach out and they can open the mail and deposit the check for you.  Here's a schedule of which offices have Happy Agent Hosts and the date/times they are planning to be at the office.

If you need help tracking down a check please email HappyAgent@LAERRealty.com with as much information as you can including (1) property address, (2) amount of check, (3) Check Payor and (4) Office where the check was mailed to.  Our team will Happy Agent team will assist in tracking down the check.

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