How Do I Reprint an eCheck?

You can reprint the eCheck from your lockbox

Log into your account by going to .

1)Once logged in go to Receive Checks at the top of the page
2)Click on the check number (Not the check box) you would like to get the payment for.
3)If there is an Orange Banner that says PRINTED, the Orange banner that says Printed will NOT print on the check. You still have the ability to print the check. This is just the systems way of saying that this check has been viewed as a PDF image.
4)Under the bottom left corner of the check, click the PRINT CHECK button.
5)Click Print Check again on the popup
If you do not see a PRINT CHECK option you may need to scroll to the right, or Zoom out (Ctrl -)

The LAER Accounting Department cannot retrieve a check that has already been retrieved.  If you are trying to retrieve a check that has been printed once already and cannot do it with the above instructions, then you will need to reach out to Deluxe eChecks Support.

Deluxe eChecks Support

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